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Lincoln Blackwood Rear Axle

The luxury Blackwood truck by Lincoln used a 9.75 rear end with its axle shaft. The parts were the same in the F-Series trucks during 2001 through 2003. The 5.4 liter Triton V8 engine block powered the truck series during this time. Someone using this Axle Guys website can get a Lincoln Blackwood rear axle for a really low price online.

12 Bolt Differential

The Blackwood used the larger 12 bolt differential cover and compatible ring gear. The truck was only a RWD and not a full 4WD like other models. Since there were less than 500,000 units assembled, parts can be a little scarce. Doing the swap job yourself will save some money. The shaft assembly itself comes in two sections.

The left driver side is one section that has a wheel hub attached. The right passenger side is the same, but the lug holes are reversed. Only one type of gear ratio was available for owners of the Lincoln concept pickup truck series. What you can locate using our website is among the best components around. You will easily match up your pinion and gear ratio through the inventory we represent.

Lincoln Axle Warranty

When you order a shaft, you expect it to be something like a brand new one. When browsing the preowned market, not every assembly is straight or is free of surface rust. It takes some looking around, but AxleGuys.com finds good inventory to present to consumers here. Since we are in control of what we provide, a warranty is one portion of our sale guarantee.

A guaranteed half shaft that is straight is what you will get upon ordering. The coverage plan that we are submitting along with every order will last for a while. When you pay for a good quality product, you should get the full amount of coverage during you own usage time frame.

Used Lincoln Axle Assemblies

Prices for all of what you can have shipped to you from our website are located here. You will be requested to give us your truck year and maybe even the size of the gearbox. Once the SKU numbers and data is crunched, you will get the price that you came here to find. All of the Lincoln Blackwood axle assemblies that are in stock include the front or rear models.

We do support a phone ordering center too. If you prefer to call our staff, we will inform you of the quality of our drivetrain components. Being unsure or uneasy is perfectly normal if you have never ordered from a salvage dealer in the past. Helpful employees work here to serve pickup truck owners and nationwide service centers.

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