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Lexus GS300 Rear Axle for Sale

Toyota built its GS300 with a strong rear axle assembly. This can be replaced, but the right size shaft is required. The manufacturing of luxury automobiles is something that has popularized the Lexus name brand. AxleGuys.com has ABS compatible Lexus GS3000 rear axle for sale inventory right on this website.

3.0L Compatible Shaft

The powerful V6 inside of modern day Toyota vehicles is regarded for its horsepower. The usage of four-speed automatic transmissions and six-speed automatic gearboxes is widespread. Keeping these considerations in mind when replacing the stock shaft with a used Lexus GS300 axle can help.

There are two sets of axles on each side of a vehicle. The front and the rear encompass the chassis components. The CV axle does break. The boot can get worn and cause too much rubbing. This is the point when a crack or complete tear happens.

The ring gear size and differential gear ratio are usually found in the Lexus service manuals. Ensuring these will match up is the first step to take before ordering any parts. The inventory on sale here is compatible with all of the trim GS300 cars.

Warranty for Parts Included

You should not buy used automotive parts over the Internet without a coverage plan. It is true that you can return anything within two weeks although it is safer to be protected. Once a used Lexus rear axle is installed, the clock starts ticking. It will only be a matter of time when a bend or break will happen.

Even brand new motor vehicles can go through several defects. Recalls not only damage the reputation of automotive companies, but they hurt consumer confidence. The warranties for used rear axles that we provide are locked in for all adults.

The documentation that we give out for a warranty plan is complete. It states that we have already verified the front or rear shafts are straight. Any rust spots are taken note of as well as other factory imperfections. The GS300 used parts fit right on the rear end without trouble.

Prices for Lexus GS300 Rear Axles

The prices for all AWD compatible vehicle parts on this website are published daily. To use the locator we have developed, use the make and model of the sedan to get started. The first step to take includes reviewing the discount. Once you are happy with the details, you will be given an option to go through with your order.

Our employees are always on standby to take phone calls. You are not required to use our web application to get a price quote. Feel free to call us and ask about axle sizes, gear ratio compatibility and about bearings we have in stock. No other retailer has such a complete used Lexus GS300 axle parts inventory like we do.

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