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Kia Sportage Rear Axle

The axle shaft in the rear of the Kia Sportage is a right or left side unit. These were not one piece sections when manufactured. You can swap out the assembly only if you know what rear end type that you have. You can identify individual components to help you to decide. AxleGuys.com has a Kia Sportage rear axle assembly on sale here for a great price.

Locking ABS or Non-Locking

Most Kia vehicles were built to utilize the 2.0 liter or 2.4 liter engine. This block was a DOHC (dual overhead cam) block. Many trim levels were produced, but all of these had most of the same parts inside. There is a locking anti-lock brake differential and a non-locking one. The 1995 to 2002 used each of these variations. The standard gear ratio is 4.77.

The spline of the driver side and passenger side must be matched. The USA built Sportage vehicles used a 26 spline or a 28 spline. The use of these materials was dependent on the model year. The lug pattern makes a difference on the ABS system. Ordering the wrong component ensures the assembly will not line up.

Compatible with Transmissions

As you may know, the gearbox in your Kia vehicle will determine the final drive gear ratio of the transfer case and the differential. The gearing in the transmission is supposed to match what the engine output is and other drivetrain parts. One thing that AxleGuys.com does is makes certain that consumers only have access to OEM components.

The partners that we use to acquire and list the inventory that you find on this website are junk yards, pull-a-part and other types of agencies. Through this work, we find the best used Kia axles that are listed at a low price on this page. The individual warranty and other specs of all parts in stock will be given to you before you order.

Buy Kia Rear Axles

The choice you make during your research will determine the overall quality of the component that you finally receive. You could spend a lot of your time, energy and money ordering stock through an authorized dealership. Keeping pricing as low as we can and only offering original units is our goal.

Price quotes through our partner yards are found using this site. Enter in the year, motor size and other data that our tool requests from you. Anyone can get help on this page or by phone during the process. Once everything is entered correctly, you will be given the chance to order when you agree to the terms of sale. We now showcase one of the biggest and most complete inventories of used import vehicle parts and accessories on the web.

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