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K5 Blazer Rear End for Sale

The K5 Chevy Blazer used two separate rear ends between 1969 and 1991. GM had these for sale in 12 bolt and 10 bolt editions. The spline gear is the standard 28 or 30 types. Some people even refer to the more modern variation as a GM 10 bolt differential. Locating the official assembly for your vehicle is simple here. Axle Guys has a K5 Blazer rear end for sale.

Rear Differential for K5 Chevy

The complete housing is what someone asks for when a rear end swap is needed. Often times there is more to a problem than a visual inspection can detail. An issue with the gears might be from non-lubrication. Fluid leaks are common in old K5 Blazers. The seals go bad and a failure happens.

We always validate the components to make sure no defects are found. There are no splits or cracks inside or outside of the CV boot. The complete assemblies include the right and left shaft plus the OEM housing. We do checks for bad pinion or bearing and warped gears. This provides a lot of needed assurance in used rear ends for sale online.

Used OEM Axle Shafts

The axles, when installed OEM by GM, are solid shafts. These are built with specific designs that use quality materials. Rust does breakdown the natural metal of the Blazer axle assembly. This can weaken causing bending, sagging or breakage to occur. Good mechanics know that maintaining a K5 differential assembly still does not prevent all problems.

All of the Chevrolet parts including the full diff assemblies include a warranty policy. This coverage does not include local mechanic labor though. The AxleGuys.com guarantee specifies that working nature of the original components. An overview has already been conducted on any inventory we carry.

Cost for a K5 Blazer Rear End

Once the tag ID has been verified, someone can begin to know what type of unit is required to purchase. Let our configured system go to work for you. It makes an in-depth search of our stock warehouse. Anything that is available to route directly to a customer is quoted with a full sale price. You will not need a vehicle identification number. Normally we just want to know the engine size and transmission.

The prepared cost is delivered on the web and by customer service phone calls. Any company or private citizen is able to place an order. To buy used Chevy axles, you can use this page or get a hold of our specialists offline. You will not have a more positive experience elsewhere. Let us help you match the specs and get the right auto part the first time.

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