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Used Jeep Rear Axles for Sale

Jeep is known for its strong rear axle assemblies used in its SUVs. All were for sale with Dana shafts in most cases. There are no less than 25 types of trim models in the company lineup since the year 1975. All of these have varying sizes of rear ends and differential parts. Axle Guys is the web leader in used Jeep axles for sale at prices lower than eBay.

Identifying OEM Dana Axles

There is always a date of manufacture and other data implanted on factory axle parts. The shaft is the best place to find this information. It is located near the differential. An ID tag is sometimes attached to make the words easier to read. Knowing the Jeep axle code can help you determine the actual size you need for a replacement.

There are generally two shafts that are found in the assortment of Chrysler produced off-road motor vehicles. These sizes are the 35 and the 44. To identify the bolt cover, you have to consider the shape and the lug count. There are rear differentials that have a 10 bolt cover. The shape of this can be either round or hexagon.

When it comes to the gear ratios, there is also some variations. 3.07, 3.31, 3.73 and 4.10 represent most of the versions. There can be some discrepancies if someone has modified the original stock settings. It is best to check with the retailer of your choice.

Replacement Jeep Axles in Stock

The vast majority of people when shopping for an axle shaft do not use factory part numbers. A person can type nearly anything into a modern day search engine just to find results. Because there are production codes referenced, not all people know what they mean.

Axle Guys has the following makes, models and variations of used jeep rear axles in stock:

Grand Cherokee
Black Bear
High Rock

There are limited and special editions that are different trim models for SUVs. These are no included in the list because the shaft size, differential, bearings and other parts are the same. You can order all of the components from our web portal here.

Ring and Pinion Gear Guide

The ring gears often vary. This is because the spline and other components have different measurements. If you have removed the pinion, you might not know what the replacement size should be. You might have a 7.25, 7.75, 8.25, 9.50 or 9.75 type. These are more prevalent that other units supplied by aftermarket companies.

The pre-1970 manufacturing was much different than what is happening at Jeep today. The old units were known as semi float. This is not the same as the full float axles that were installed later. Correctly identifying the type of used differential you need to buy will help.

Sale Prices for Jeep Axles

AxleGuys.com has immediate price quotes available. The computer we use is fast. No waiting is required to look at discounts. Are you tired of paying the manufacturer list price? Most people are. You can shop on a popular website, but you are not always getting the best deal. If you are not bothered by junk yard components, look at our transparent sticker prices here.

Ask our staff anything. Call by phone to speak with us. There are few companies that know as much about an SUV rear end as we do. Some of our employees are former mechanics. There is a lot to learn about buying 4×4 components online. Come here first.

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