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Used Jeep Liberty Rear Axle

The Liberty by Jeep used a Dana 35 rear axle between 2002 and 2007. These are for sale here online. People who regularly shop auto parts stores might run into problems finding an OEM unit. These are exclusive and only sold to automakers. Axle Guys receives its inventory from junk yards to provide a used Jeep Liberty rear axle at a lower cost. Try us.

KJ and KK Liberty Rear Ends

The entire rear end inside of a Libery SUV has many parts. The KJ and KK production codes had a standard axle size. The 8.25 ring and pinion gear size is the base unit. This means that the spline is 27. All of the engine variants such as 3.7, 2.8 and 2.4 had the same rear axle assemblies installed. This kept everything uniform, and is much easier for consumers to find replacements.

Chrysler owns its Select-Trac transfer case technology. Different electronic controls are part of this system. When the 4×4 is engaged, the gears inside have to move with each differential. Issues that happen are most likely because of too little fluid in the case. An SUV owner who takes the vehicle off-road might damage the undercarriage.

Axle Parts for Jeep Owners

Do you need the entire rear shaft? What about the seals? The lock ring, pinion nut, bearings and other parts come on a complete Jeep rear end. Some people try to use their old CV boots. If there is a split, it is useless to try and install these. Paying a single price to get the entire assembly is a smarter decision. Getting the right Dana 35 rear axle is the key.

The front or rear differential units that Axle Guys provides are good quality. We know this because we test them. We can guarantee that the right and left portion of the shaft is straight. No bends or warping is visible. None of the spline threads are damaged either. These are things to really look out for when shipping for used rear axle parts.

Prices for Jeep Liberty Rear Axles

The price that you will find on this website is correct. The computer that analyzes the inputted data for each vehicle tabulates the consumer cost. We do not give preference to dealers only. Everyone gets near the wholesale price. There may or may not be any charges for shipping. Our system will let you know.

A call is easy to place to our company. On the first ring or two, we answer and get started assisting you. The overview of the axle warranty, delivery details and other information will be presented by our employees. We make ordering Jeep axles at sale prices fun.

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