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Used Jeep Grand Cherokee Rear Axle for Sale

The axed used in the rear of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is called a Dana 35 or 44. Theses are on sale here. Some are made from steel while others are aluminum. If an “A” appears in the part number, it is the aluminum-made shaft. Dana/Spicer is the only company that builds these assemblies in the United States. Get a used Jeep Grand Cherokee rear axle without paying a lot on this website.

Drum and Disc Brake Assemblies

Jeep is known for using more than one type of brake in its vehicles. The older drum units were still being used on the 4×4 Grand Cherokee SUVs. Shopping for a differential will require matching up the correct gear ratio. The 3.73 is a very common one although other numbers do exist.

The disc brakes are always attached to the complete rear end. When someone goes to swap out a rear axle for a Jeep, there are some years that seem to have the most problems. The 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2009 and 2010 units can break or bend. This is not to say that some manufacturer years are defective. The truth is that any OEM part has its breaking point. Some just go faster than other ones do.

8.25 Ring and Pinion Gears

On the late model Cherokee, the ring and pinion system is an 8.25. This is used with the Dana 44 axles. An adjustment was made to the bolt casing as well. Most of the model years manufactured prior to this point in time had a different ring and pinion measurement. Changing out the bearings is a common DIY task.

The limited slip differential can be electronic or manual in a Jeep. Making a mental note of this before you order is a good practice. The combination of used Jeep axles for sale at AxleGuys.com is amazing. We do our best to connect with reliable Chrysler junk yards to provide such a service.

Buy an Axle for a Jeep Grand Cherokee

Do you need the front shaft? You would order a Dana 30. We have these in stock. Most of the internal parts like shims, complete differential and the used Cherokee rear end can be ordered. By making use of our computer tools, anyone can find out the exact price to pay for any preowned builds in stock.

The phone number that you see on this page is where to call. More than one helpful associate is on hand to help you. You can get a fast price quote or just ask about our warranty. All of this is free of charge to a consumer. Service at this level is almost unheard of. Regular automotive mechanics, SUV owners and other personnel place orders here daily.

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