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Jeep Cherokee Rear Axle for Sale

The rear axle in the Jeep Cherokee used an 8.25 ring gear type. It was for sale in most of the trim versions of the SUV class. Chrysler contracted out the development of the assemblies to the Dana Corporation. It was common with all automakers to secure these contracts. Changing out your own shaft is not expensive to do. Buy a Jeep Cherokee rear axle for sale straight from AxleGuys.com.

Cherokee Axle Ratios

The owner of an SUV has the final say over the drive gear ratio. Not every person goes with the standard Chrysler 8.25 axle setup. Changes to the gearing is what makes off-road usage fun. The stock measurements for the rear differential are not easy to find.

The following Cherokee axle ratios work well with the used assemblies we have in stock:


Someone who is doing a front swap does not have to be concerned with the rear. The air locker mechanism on some Jeep vehicles is one note of concern. The 10 bolt and 12 bolt differential cover could be a round shape as well as Hexagon.

Publishing these minor details prevents a consumer from ordering a component that will not fit correctly. When you are in doubt, it will always help you to ask a question.

Dana 44 and 35 Shafts

Too much noise that comes out of an assembly could mean bad gears. It can also mean that fluid is escaping the chamber. When a seal is busted, this allows the lubrication to leak out of the seams.

Too much play in a Jeep rear axle could be that something is lose. The original bearings should be checked at regular intervals. It is not enough just to throw some grease on them and go about your business.

You can order a used Dana 44 axle or the 35 size by shopping with our company. The products come out of automotive junk yards. The factory sources that we utilize in order to supply these products are domestic based. You will find no aftermarket SKUs here.

Buy Jeep Cherokee Axle Parts

To go along with the rear assembly, you might need the bearing set. Our full range of Chrysler company inventory is open and on display here online. What makes researching a simple procedure here is that we do not have a catalog. A single database holds all of the MSRP and exclusive data. We open this up for usage to anyone.

Call one of our staff members right now. He or she can lookup the size of the component that you need for a replacement. This matching is free for all people. We want to help you get the vintage or late model Jeep parts at a good price. You get the full satisfaction of a low price and a super warranty policy.

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