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Isuzu Trooper Rear Axle for Sale

Replacing the rear axle on your Isuzu Trooper is easy with a sale price shaft. You will find the correct assembly that you need on this website. Just pulling off and examining the parts is a lot of work. You have to trust that you get the correct component tool AxleGuys.com has an Isuzu Trooper rear axle for sale in the current inventory on this site.

Trooper Gear Ratios

In the partnership with General Motors, engines and many other parts were shared at Isuzu. Trying to match up the rear end with a specific part number is not an easy task. The easiest way to know what you are working with is to look at the rear brakes. The ABS and disc brake systems were used equally during the factory production.

In most SUVs, the 12 bolt corporate rear end was installed. You should have 43 teeth on the ring gear. This represents the OEM configuration. If you are not the first owner of your vehicle, someone else could have modified the original set up. This is why is a huge help to check with an experienced shop first.

The regular gearing can be modified if you choose. In most cases, you have or can build up to one of the following Trooper gear ratios:


There is as lot of high end torque in the ratios above. This is because of the off-road build of the late model sport utility vehicles. The ratios are a little higher than what General Motors placed into its 4×4 motor vehicles.

Warranty for Isuzu Axle Parts

All consumers have options when visiting us online. Just the front CV or even the right or left rear assemblies are in stock. We are one of the few web retailers that also have the rear end assembly. This is harder to find and we depend on junk yards for this inventory. What you do get is a standard warranty. Your Isuzu Trooper rear axle found here is covered.

The LS, S or SE trim can accept the inventory you find on this portal. We protect the public by acquiring the best looking components that have low mileage. This is not a simple procedure sometimes. The distributors in the USA that are part of our company reach are known in the automotive industry.

Buy Used Isuzu Axles

If you want to avoid aftermarket shafts, you are doing the right thing by shopping with AxleGuys.com. Only original assemblies are found in our warehouse. If you need more than just the metal axles, we can provide extra parts as well. The full bearings and needed accessories are ordered by customers here daily.

A price quote will be required for you to explore being you order. This is your price lock guarantee. The customized financial information is tailored to you as a consumer or to a service facility that you represent. Calling by telephone to inquire or order is accepted too.

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