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Used Honda Rear Axles for Sale

Buying an axle for a Honda motor vehicle is not hard. Finding the best source to purchase from can be tough. Spending the right amount of time searching the web consumes too much time. Axle Guys publishes its import inventory on this website for easy viewing. The inventory of used Honda rear axles for sale grows weekly. A good assortment of makes and models are supported in our warehouse.

Standard and AWD Differentials

The coupe, sedan and sports cars that have been manufactured at Honda Motor Company since the mid 1980s all had Japanese parts. These used to be imported through distributors in North America. As more factories opened up in the U.S., locating parts got a little simpler. The differentials that we provide to consumers includes SUV, CUV, Minivan and standard automobile types.

Choose from the following complete rear axles in our warehouse:

1. Accord
2. Civic
3. CR-V
4. Fit
5. Pilot
6. Odyssey
7. Del Sol
8. NSX
9. Crosstour
10. Prelude
11. Passport
12. Ridgeline
13. Element
14. Insight
15. CR-Z

Because Honda makes 2WD and 4WD motor vehicles, identification numbers are usually different. A person who does not have the right tag identifier is not alone. Too many preowned auto parts are full of rust and cover up IDs. Using our web or offline system, a quick search can be conducted by our staff.

Rear Ends for Honda Cars

The used CV axle inventory that is here at Axle Guys is taken from import junk yards. While we cannot guarantee that all maintenance was undertaken by previous owners, we do guarantee what we sell. There is a complete warranty attached with our products. The condition, part age, straightness of the shaft and other factors are taken into consideration. The pricing that is found on this website is updated more than one time per day.

Reasons People Swap Axles

The dreaded clicking sound is what savvy drivers hate to hear. When it is hard to steer or back up, it is likely a problem with the constant velocity joints. This equates to the rear-wheel drive axles on Honda motor vehicles. There are half shafts that were manufactured and affixed to another to provide a full shaft. Coming to this website to purchase inventory is a good decision. The time that is saved here is valuable for mechanics and owners of automobiles.

Online Prices for Used Axle Assemblies

Failure of a rear end does not always mean a high price for repairs. Because what is provided to consumers here is second hand, these units are much cheaper than a dealership. Each model has been tested and approved by our sales staff. This almost eliminates any need to file a warranty claim.

Use the current stock location tool we provide here. This gives the best representation of our products in virtual form. People who need to call by phone are not at a loss. Our reps are professional and fast. Quoting a discount, estimating shipping and other details are found out through our phone system.

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