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GT4 Rear Axle for Sale

What is the GT4 in terms of a rear axle code? This three-digit code refers to the RPO codes in used at General Motors. This is used to identify which type of rear differential gear is installed into a vehicle. Most of the mid-size vehicles like the SUV and pickup truck were geared higher. AxleGuys.com has a GT4 rear axle for sale that is in preowned condition on this website.

10 Bolt Cover or 11.5 Bolt Cover

Variety in the sizing of the differential bolt cover was no accident. In vehicles with a larger weight, the bigger 11.5 bolt cover was needed. For a standard application, GM installed the 10 bolt cover. The GT4 rear axle is a 3.73 gear ratio. There are two pinion gear sizes that correspond with this version of the GM rear end.

The ring gear will be either an 8.50 or an 8.62. Sometimes these are shortened to read 8.5 or 8.6 in service manuals. Vehicles with this setup can have Quadrasteer technology, but some of them do not. Consistency in manufacturing means that all components are the same type and size.

Vehicles That Use 3.73 Axles

For the last couple of decades, numerous vehicles have relied on the high gear ratio of the GT4 rear axle. The differential case and its bearings are precision designed. If you need to swap out your left or right size shaft, you should know which motor vehicles will accept the solid brake ready axles.

We support the following list of vehicles with our used axle inventory:

S10 Blazer

There are many of the trim types of vehicles that are used the stock GT4 shaft assembly. When you get to the point of requesting a sticker price from us, we can show you the complete listing. What our web research tool gives you is a quick way to get a match without picking up the phone to speak with our reps.

Buy GT4 Rear Axles Used

Junk inventory is what we are supplying to you. The quality is good and the lifespan is even better. Perfectly running trucks are sometimes disassembled and components are lifted out. This represents how we achieve such a wealth of inventory in our axle and differential warehouse. We support Buick, Cadillac, GMC and all other subsidiary brands.

You get your price by requesting in on this page. Anyone who uses an iOS or Android enabled phone can view what you have too. You are not limited to just an Internet PC. Once you get the details you came here to find, get on the phone to call us. We will answer quickly. It is understood that things like mileage, warranty plans and shipment schedules need to be discussed. Go ahead and get started.

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