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GMC Typhoon Rear Axle

The Typhoon by GMC was a concept vehicle with a GU6 rear axle. This shaft was the standard option found in SUV vehicles in the year 1992 and beyond. It was created for use with V6 motors like the 4.3 liter Vortec. Owners of this vehicle can order a used GMC Typhoon rear axle for a cheap price while using this AxleGuys.com website.

Typhoon SUV Gear Ratios

Only one full production year was allowed for the concept SUV at General Motors. Only one variant of the gear ratio was supplied. Consumers who search for the axle shaft must check compatibility with the 3.42 ratio. At the time of production, this was the only type that supported the larger vehicle weight.

Aside from the Typhoon front axle, the rear assembly is the strongest part of the drivetrain. There is only one transmission that was geared to work perfectly with the 3.42 shaft ratio. This gearbox was the 4L60. Consumers using our website will find adequate stock while visiting this page.

GMC Parts Warranty

The used rear axle assemblies for General Motors vehicles that we supply are original. It is due to this fact that we always have a warranty plan available to the public. The two piece left or right side rods are not bent. These are reviewed by our staff and our distributors. Part of the overview includes an inspection for surface rust.

The coverage plan is in place as a self-assurance policy. Consumer used to buying from other portals in the USA might not be used to a long-term plan. Any person, shop mechanic or reseller ordering on this website gets the same plan of protection. This ensures that no person is left out of a better than dealership warranty plan.

Buy Used GMC Axles

Our company specializes in all drivetrain components. This includes the bearings, rear end, CV and other related parts. All of what you need is priced and shipped from one or more of our locations. We aim to please every person using us as a dedicated supplier of second hand auto parts in the U.S. and Canada. No hidden prices are part of our strategy.

A quote for the current sticker price is given out on this page. Get inside of our database and make your selections for the components you require. You are able to check the motor size, gearbox, transfer case and other options that might affect your used GMC axle purchase. Once you get this together, you can call our staff by telephone. We get immediately to work processing your order.

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