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GMC Terrain Rear Axle

The Terrain SUV by GMC uses a standard rear axle with a 9.5 ring gear. The Denali, SLT and SLE trim version all have the same parts inside. The AWD is the most popular type due to its ability to offer better off-road performance. The shaft that you will find on this page will also bolt on to the Equinox. You can find a GMC Terrain rear axle in used condition here.

Getting to know the way that GM builds is vehicles will help you on your parts quest. There is not one single shaft in the rear end of the GMC full-size sport utility vehicles. A separate left driver side and a right passenger side shade is attached. This includes the CV joint and the U-joint in all trim levels of the Terrain.

Bearings and CV Joint

Your Terrain vehicle might need just the driver or passenger side shaft. You could need the complete differential. The front CV joint or the bearings are things to keep in mind. Any type of work that you do on your vehicle is dependent on your skill level. Since what we provide is not aftermarket, you know the units are guaranteed to fit.

The bearings are what will provide a smooth ride on the rear of the vehicle. A clunk or grinding sound usually means the one or more bearings have failed. Before you think about swapping out your GMC axle, considering the bearings and accessories is a good step.

Warranties for GMC Parts

What you will order here is an OEM original. The most reliable junk yards in our network are the companies supplying what you can order. Inventory is pulled professionally and without errors. The ensures that your rear axle will be straight and have no bends on it. The surface rust is normally removed and the package is expertly shipped to you.

You get a parts warranty to protect your installation and usage time frame. Even the best eBay auctions are only providing a 30-day return policy. We beat that. Our team inspects with a close eye every inch of the replacement axle assemblies.

Buy Used GMC Axles

A price here is accurately listed. Through usage of a computer tool, we provide the low sale pricing that you want as a consumer. Even with the inclusion of the parts plan, our assemblies are a good value. Our team will need the production year of your SUV and its transmission type. This is all the details we require to administer your sticker price.

Look at what we give you and then call to place orders. We will speak with you in a friendly tone. You will never talk to a salesman or argumentative person. English is our language of choice, but we will do our best to help any consumer who calls to order.

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