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Used GM Dana 60 Front Axle for Sale

The Dana 60 is one type of front axle used by GM in its vehicle. It was manufactured in 1955, and was the original shaft used in F-Series trucks. A partnership for production was reached by General Motors to have its assemblies built for its motor vehicles. You are on the right website if you need a used GM Dana 60 front axle for sale.

Specs of the Dana 60 Axles

Did you know this shaft is installed in the front and rear of a vehicle? The size of the steel shaft is generally the same. It all depends on the gross vehicle weight. When use in front-end vehicle applications, the Dana 60 axle assembly has a 32 or 35 spline thread. The regular size is 1.50 inches in diameter. It is built strong to stabilize FWD and RWD vehicles.

The GM version is referred to as a front steer edition. This is a passenger side application that requires the use of knuckles. All gearing when used in this configuration is known as standard axle gearing for the front shaft.

One-Ton Trucks and Cargo Vehicles

The used GM front axle assemblies that we have here at Axle Guys were used mostly in the one-ton vehicles. This range is from 1970 onward. A lot of the cargo motor vehicles were fitted with the Dana 60 and the 35 spline. There have been aftermarket modifications available in the past few years that provide a strengthened version of the original units.

The open knuckle style is popular in Chevrolet models with disc brakes. You can buy a Dana 60 front axle Chevy for sale through our portal here. All prices are fair and based on condition. What we pull from a salvage yard is what is routed to a customer. The residential and commercial freight forwarding services that we rely upon get packages delivered safely.

Buy Used Dana 60 Axle Assemblies

You can order all front parts or even a complete Dana 60 rear end on this website. We are a premier automotive suppliers to people who love used components. Nothing has been remanufacturing or retooled. We pack our warehouse with hundreds of variations of second hand axle assemblies in a given month. Our distribution team always works over time.

People unable to find what is required using the price application on this website can call by phone. A trustworthy and friendly person will answer the call. At this point, a Q&A can take place about the condition of the assembly. All forms of payment can be processed through our computer system. You owe it to yourself to save money. Even if you use the Dana 60 front bible to help with an install, you can get a deal on components here online.

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