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Front Axle for Jeep Wrangler

The front axle that is inside your Jeep Wrangler might be a Dana 44 or 30. The year of the production of your vehicle will determine which is installed. Making a mistake and getting the wrong size might bring a non-stable performance to your off-road usage. Axle Guys has a used front axle for Jeep Wrangler vehicles in stock. Buy OEM and save.

Diagnosing Jeep Axle Problems

Do you feel a drag when turning? How about a crunching or scraping sound? These are two of the common things that happen when you have an axle problem in your Wrangler Jeep. Unlike the rear that is filled with fluid, the front shaft is by itself. Bending is unfortunately common in some of the smaller radius shafts.

If you have hoisted up your vehicle, you can take a look behind each wheel to look for broken parts. You might have rubbing because your tires are too large. You could a broken bar or even a bent CV. Once you make a decision about what is wrong, you can search for a replacement component to fix up your vehicle.

Identify Wrangler Axle Types

The Dana 30 was added in the year 1984. This was the only option on stock vehicle configurations until the late 1990s. Chrysler made a change to including the 44 axle by Dana in late model builds. Most people would agree that the newer versions are a little stronger. The strength of the metal is good, but too much off-road activity can break the shaft.

The first editions were a two piece design. You will have a right front passenger side and a left front driver side. Each of these hook into the ABS or disc brake systems. You have to identify the bolt pattern on the wheels to make sure the shaft actually fits.

Buy Used Jeep Axles Here

You can buy a used Wrangler front axle shaft or even the entire rear end. These are in preowned condition otherwise called certified used in some circles. Nothing that is listed here has been sent to a factory for refurbishing. What you see is a part removed expertly and then listed in our warehouse to sell. Your full price is delivered to you as a quote here.

Pricing and your warranty details are included in a quote. Make use of the tools AxleGuys.com provides to you and get started now. You can always call us up to place an order when you are ready. Our team is experienced and we know everything there is to know about Chrysler automobile parts. Do not waste time when you need a shaft fixed ASAP. Call us.

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