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Front Axle for Jeep Cherokee

You can swap the front axle with a new one in your Jeep Cherokee SUV. Only a single shaft was utilized during the 1984 to 1997 production year. The close relationship that Chrysler had with third-party manufacturers ensured that undercarriage components were built strong. Here at Axle Guys online, you can buy a front axle for Jeep Cherokee vehicles.

Reverse Cut Shaft

The Dana Corporation built all of the shafts in the front and in the rear of SUVs by Jeep. The most common size was the Dana 35. There were some installations that had a Dana 35C, but these were not as popular. The ‘C’ designation represents that the shaft was a replacement and came on the vehicle as unfinished and not painted.

A 27 spline reverse cut shaft is what the original 35 axle provided. Where the differences were was in the pinions. A low pinion and a high pinion were produced in all Cherokee vehicles. Knowing which one that you have and which one will fit your vehicle will guarantee you get the right component.

Right or Left Front

Your Jeep might have ABS or disc brakes. You are sure to have the 35C model if you have anti-lock brakes. There are no c clips on the models that we provide. This was before some of the shafts were upgraded. You can choose between the driver side front or the passenger side edition.

What you do receive when using AxleGuys.com as your axle provider is a warranty plan. This comes at no cost to consumers. We make sure the shaft is straight. We also check for any scrapes or imperfections that could hurt your performance. Once all of this is completed, we place the units in our warehouse for immediate distribution.

Buy Cherokee Axle Shafts

If you only need the front, you can request your quote on this page. If you want the rear end of just the Dana 44 axle, you can call us up on the phone. Our system will let you configure the quote however you want. It will give you the mileage on the components. We spell out the terms of coverage. You can speak with us about standard or expedited shipping.

Our phone number is always available to you. Call and ask questions. Ask us about a transfer case or drivetrain component. We are able to get most of what you need to get your Cherokee SUV off of blocks and running again. Even if you are going to do your own installation, the products will be ready to install. You never have to modify any part of the shaft because it is too tight of a fit.

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