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Front Axle for Chevy Silverado

Does the front axle shaft inside your Chevy Silverado click when you drive? You will need to replace it. The cost to do this at most dealerships is well over $1000. That is just for one side. If you need both, you will spend a lot of money on the repair. A better option is to buy a used front axle for Chevy Silverado trucks here at AxleGuys.com online.

CV Shaft or Axle

People get confused when ordering parts they have never had to change before. There is a difference when it comes to the components on the front end of your truck. The CV shaft has a rubber boot that hides the internal parts. This part of the boot will flex when you turn the wheel. This is also the area where a break will happen. If you are sure you need to swap the CV shaft, there are two sizes common on the 1500 GM trucks.

21 3/16
30 spline

23 7/8
33 spline

The CV connects to a longer shaft on the driver and passenger side. This is the axle assembly. You might need this too if you have more than one issue to fix. When you are sure that you want to replace the front axles, there is a one common size that you will find.

33 9/16
6 lug
30 spline

The Sierra has the same parts as does the Suburban. GM tries to make a one size fits all axle system. The ring gear is one or two sizes as is the Silverado rear end. Knowing some of the basics and measurements will help you to select the used axles that you need.

Silverado Axle Warranty

You always get warranty protection when ordering our inventory. We have components removed from ¾ ton and one-ton trucks in national junk yards. Through our distmantler network, we get the pick of the litter for inventory. This allows us to achieve a higher quality than what you might view when ordering elsewhere on the web.

Your policy states that your shaft or CV will be straight and not bent. We inspect the surface for rust and other imperfections. Anything we find is included in the description. You are always well informed as a consumer when using our company to buy replacement front axles.

Buy GM Axle Shafts

Your truck needs a strong chassis system to operate correctly. Swapping out a part that is not holding up its end of the deal is a good idea. Where you order the component does matter. You cannot take the chance finding inventory from an unknown place. Your price quote that we prepare and give to you is complete. You know the vehicle mileage and the terms of the processed sale.

Call our phone number and order by phone too. We have our entire team in place to offer the support you need during and immediately after a sale. Give us two minutes of your free time and we will get you the best price.

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