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Ford F150 Rear End for Sale

Ford offers its F150 truck for sale with different rear end types. These are limited slip and non-limited slip versions. The F-Series pickup also has different sizes of bolt covers. Knowing the measurements will help you obtain the right component. The used market is one of the best to find vintage and late model parts. Axle Guys has a Ford F150 rear end for sale cheap.

Common F150 Axle Types

Smaller cars and some light-duty trucks used the 7.5 ring and pinion. The bigger vehicles had a much bigger differential. The 8.8 is a common size. Also the 9.75 is in production. You can identify these units by counting the bolts. There is a 10 bolt pattern on the 8.8 version. There are two additional bolts for the 9.75. Most of the F250 trucks have 10.25 covers.

The type of motor displacement will dictate the needed axle type. Anything made after 1997 will likely cater to the 5.4 liter Triton crowd. There are even builds with the 4.6 liter V8. Most of these motors use the smaller rear diff because of the reduced amount of torque. This is positive information to know when you are trying to buy an F150 rear axle for sale.

Ford Rear Axle Problems

There are ways to know that you are having an issue. A loud clunk or excessive noise from the back end of the vehicle is a good sign. The thud comes from the rotation of the shaft when there is a lack of lubricant or something has broken. It happens to a lot of F-Series owners doing a lot of towing. It can be very easy to strip out gears without knowing it.

One the problem has been determined, you have to find out what type of F150 rear end differential that you have. The ID tag is usually located on the driver side door. The code numbers might have faded or been rubbed off. There is a bolt number on the shaft that might inform you of the correct replacement size required.

Ford Rear End Parts Warranty

AxleGuys.com has a full components warranty that is given out to its customers. While this does not include costs for labor, it will protect any parts attached to the assembly. This is a really good guarantee that buying a used rear axle for an F150 will work out. No one wants to have trouble when installing or during transport. Let our coverage options suit your needs.

Rear End for a Ford F150

Buy your differential direct and save. Deals have already been concreted through our junk yard suppliers. We do not pay MSRP. Neither should you. Get rid of that squeaking shaft and bearings and replace the entire assembly. A complete and discount price structure is offered online. Go into our quotation system to get started. We happily accept phone calls too. Our goal is to help truck owners, mechanics and other retailers find good inventory to purchase.

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