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Used Ford 8.8 Axle for Sale

The 8.8 axle shaft by Ford was used in vehicles beginning in 1983. It is a solid piece of steel that was constructed for use in pickup trucks, SUVs and regular automobiles. The numerical portion of the part number refers to the size of the ring gear. Different measurements were experimented with prior to the development of the 8-inch shaft. Axle Guys has a used Ford 8.8 axle for sale at the lowest web price.

8.8 Axle Specs

There are three variants for the Ford 8.8 rear end. The most popular is the solid design that is known for its use in the light-duty Ranger and Mustang cars. By the time that the Explorer was developed, Ford Motor Company invested into independent suspension platforms. The fixed differential known as IRS was adopted in 2002.

The spline shaft will have a different axle lengths depending on year of manufacture. The 28 inch and the 31 inch each have various gear ratios. An independent front suspension shaft was developed in 1997. This was part of the Sport Trac trim and other trim editions. Before buying used Ford axles online, it helps to know a little about what is offered.

Drum and Disc Brake Axles

The brakes that attach to the shaft can be disc or drum. Ford produced several forms of 10 inch braking systems. The 2WD and 4WD setup was essentially the same. A person making the effort to swap the 8.8 axle assembly should know what type of brakes are on the vehicle. This will make the installation go faster and much smoother.

The aftermarket parts industry has expanded in recent decades. More companies are entering the market to offer replacement parts for older vehicles. While there are some upgrades that can be put onto the stock rear end, going with a total OEM part will provide the safest use. This cuts out a lot of the trial and error that people go through when swapping out stock parts.

8.8 Ford Axle Parts

AxleGuys.com sells more than just the solid, IFS or IRS units. The bearings, seals and other essentials are in our warehouse. This means at any given time there are thousands of parts that people can order. To obtain the best prices, we use multiple dealers in the U.S. and Canada. Transparent pricing is what we provide on this website.

Use the price quote calculator or just call us over the phone. The whole procedure is completed quickly. Never buy salvage axle assemblies before you check with us. A verified warranty policy is always documented and handed out to consumers who shop here.

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