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Escort Rear Axle for Sale

The Escort by Ford used front and rear axle shafts. These were outsourced in manufacturing to third-party companies. There are standard sizes that will fit onto these vehicles. There are not huge differences in the spline gear or the size of the differential. Axle Guys has an Escort rear axle for sale for the lowest web price possible here.

Breakage is one issue that automobile owners run into. Automotive parts are built strong; however, these can still malfunction. Changing weather conditions and regular road abuse can weaken once strong front or Escort back axle parts. If excessive rust is a problem, it is likely that the shaft will bend or has already been bent.

Ford Escort Axle Types

Companies that were tapped to build the front driver side and passenger side used solid shafts. The CV boot is usually attached to builds found in junk yards. This is not standard though. Because there were different I4 engines in use, the ratio of the axle gears was not the same.

AxleGuys.com has used Ford rear axle assemblies for the following Escort trim levels:


The compact motor vehicle types that we support can be further classified as wagon, five-door and three-door versions. Matching up the right part even if you are trying to buy aftermarket shafts is important. Our warehouse is full of components that are taken off of vehicles that sit inside of junk yard lots.

Front Axles for Escorts

Automotive mechanics as well as car owners might need to change more than just the rear end. Even if the differential is left in tact, it might be sensible to swap the half shafts in the front of the vehicle. This means that each side will have a brand new beam installed. Strengthening the CV parts will help the vehicle turn better.

On this page anyone can order any complete unit or just the replacement components. Everything comes with a standard warranty plan. This is great news for someone who has never ordered second hand inventory before. The extra assurance this provides is welcomed. Protecting an automobile over a longer period of time makes a lot of sense.

Price to Replace Ford Escort Axles

Never pay more than you have to when buy used auto parts online. This goes for the small units as well as the engine or transmission. A cheaper than usual price is given to first-time and long-term consumers at our company. We do this to make it less expensive to get cars back up and running. Find what you need right now. Secure your price with help from the computer we have on this website. Alternatives to this is to call our staff by phone.

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