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E36 Rear Axle for Sale

Do you need to replace your E36 rear axle in your BMW 3 series car? Find what you need on this website. Axle Guys supports import and domestic motor vehicle components. The CV boots and shafts that are used in the production automobiles are not all the same. Use our portal to get an E36 rear axle for sale online. These are removed and stocked in our warehouse.

3.07 Gear Ratio Differential

The Z3 motor vehicles came stock from BMW factories with a standard gear ratio. The 3.07 is the most used type. The left and right shaft are exactly the same size and length. You connect the wheel flange to the axle to install each side. You have the option to upgrade your gear ratio by adding a variety of ring gears.

If your E36 has a 3.0 liter engine, there is a lot of room for improvement. The size of the V6 and the transmission all work together in determining the torque at the rear wheel set. Because we have different used BMW differentials on sale, your choices are better compared to what a dealership could provide.

BMW Front Axle Shafts

A change to the front supports on the driver and passenger side can be made too. It is a good practice to jack up your automobile and look at the rear and front together. You could suffer the typical problem of worn boots or bent shafts. The two piece design can break leaving you with a dangling piece of metal at either end.

The inventory that we display to you while visiting here is from secondary sources. This does includes scrap yards and pick-a-part operations. We are able to get a good price, and then we pass this on to our customers. You do not pay too much for shipments here. This provides each buyer with an equal opportunity to get a deal.

Buy Rear Axles for E36 Cars

The performance that you demand from your BMW vehicle is one thing. The results that you actually get are reality. The power is in your hands to improve your situation. You can continue paying crazy prices at web auction or through product listings. You deserve a better selection of used BMW car parts. Take a look at what we can do for you here.

Your price is given to you in quote form. You look at it and decide if the MSRP is low enough. When you decide to order, go through our simple two-step procedure. Our phone reps will take your information quickly. We offer a smooth and effortless transaction. If you need bearings, shims or gears you can order these too.

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