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Duramax Rear Axle for Sale

The Duramax diesel by Chevy is a limited slip or posi rear axle setup. It was for sale in the 2500HD and larger pickup trucks. This assembly is called a full float model. The most common gearing is a 3.73 ratio. There is a lot of torque between the Allison transmission and the rear of the vehicle. Axle Guys has a Duramax rear axle for sale at a price you can truly afford.

11.5 Rear End for Silverado

How big the motor is holds the answer to the measurement of the parts inside. The 6.2 is not the same power as the 6.6L Duramax diesel in Silverado and other trucks. This requires a more improved rear end. The ring and pinion came stock as an 11.5 from General Motors. This is one way a driver can match up what is needed before buying one.

The cover is generally a Chevy 14 bolt style. There are only 8 axle lugs on the unit though. Before removing the ring gear, you will have to take off the 12 bolts installed. It is not too hard to swap the Duramax rear end or split axles. It just takes time to learn it.

Axles for GM Diesel Trucks

The complete and sturdy shaft is what people look for when shopping here. These are not bend or turned in an odd way. Even though they are salvage parts, they are not abused. Rust can and will accumulate on the differential. Everyone who has pulled one off before knows that. The shaft though should be in tact and it is here.

The RPO code for the 11.5 rear axle for Chevy trucks is the GT4. If you need the GT5, this is in reference to the 4.10 gear ratio. This version was common with the 10.5 size ring gears only. This is not to say that someone cannot modify one to fit.

Assembly Warranty Plans

Anything a consumer can find here already includes a warranty. The guarantee translates to a maximum length of protection. There is usually no charge during checkout for this or other coverage. Ask our order reps if you need clarification on the actual terms we outline.

Used GT4 Rear Axle Sale

You do not have to use a special code in order to look up inventory at AxleGuys.com. Our system is complex. There is nothing that a person has to do to review our price. Yes, we discount off the MSRP for all components. Yes, these are junk yard parts. Any other questions can be directed right to our service staff by phone.

What you need to do before pricing a swap is calculate the order price. Use our computer to help you. If you know the engine size and model of your 2500, enter it into the system. It will help you find out what the current sales are this week. In terms of shipping, freight is sometimes covered based on where we will deliver to.

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