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Used Dana 80 Axle for Sale

The Dana 80 is a heavy-duty axle used first in 1988. With a strong 4-inch tubular steel shaft, this differential is meant for pickup and HD vehicles. The bolt cover is the standard 10 bolt design found in most automaker inventories. Companies like Dodge, Chevy and Ford have trusted the use of the rear assemblies by Dana/Spicer. Axle Guys has used Dana 80 axle for sale stock ready for shipment from this website.

It is quite rare that the rear end will be bent. People swap axles for different reasons. Some want to upgrade while others want more performance. A bearing replacement is a common job that people perform with the Dana 80 assembly. An optional workload would be to change out the disc brakes for better traction.

Dana Limited Slip Differential

The LSD was an improvement in the original design. Sometimes this is referred to in OEM documentation as the Power Lok or Trac Lok. All in all, it is the very same component. There are four pinion gears on these editions compared to other brands that have only a dual set. The spline gears are offered in two sizes. The 35 and 37 are what people find in used versions.

The measurements for each brake are not standard in Ford Motor Company trucks. A variance of a couple of inches is pretty normal when comparing models. Buying a Dana 80 axle for sale is not difficult once you get the hang of what is out there. This is where our company comes in to help consumers.

Dana 80 Rear Axle Parts

When the entire rear end is not needed, several replacement components exist. The shims, bearings and other parts that coincide with a successful installation might be required. Some retailers only sell the single shaft. This does not include anything that is needed to tighten down the assembly. Shopping here online gives people the power to buy used parts too.

The full documentation for the warranty policies is available to explore. Any person who gets to the point of purchase can look at the plans. A part that is defective can be replaced through the activation of the warranty. It is always best to change out the seals prior to installing any heavy-duty truck axles.

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Do not let the words used axles for sale scare you. These are great units. What happens is that they are taken off of salvage automobiles. The value is preserved because professional dismantling takes place. The gear oil is removed for easier shipping in the USA.

The absolute lowest price imaginable is what AxleGuys.com gives out. The sticker prices here are not estimates. They feature the actual cost plus any applicable fees. Get to know our service department by calling us. Find out what you will pay or use our intelligent inventory system on this page.

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