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Used Dana 70 Rear Axle for Sale

The Dana 70 is a powerful rear axle most often for sale in Ford, Dodge and Chevy vehicles. It has been used in standard and heavy-duty applications. The reasoning behind this is due to the limited slip differential for the rear end. The Track Lok and Power Lok variations are sought after by SUV and truck owners worldwide. Order a used Dana 70 rear axle for sale straight from Axle Guys.

Identify a Dana 70 Axle

The Dana/Spicer solid shafts are easy to identify. Many of them have disc brake systems installed. The bolt cover is the regular 10 bolt design. There is only one size for the ring gear. This measurement is 10.5. The pinion is typically a 29 size, but it could be as small as 10. The spline thread comes in two sizes on the rear axle. The sizes are 32 and 35.

The full float is something that is usually part of all Dana axle assemblies. The gear ratio from the stock settings is 3.07. This can be modified when the differential is removed. There have been installations of front axle shafts for the Dana 70. These were reserved for the HD vehicles from GMC.

Tight Seal and Bearings

The seal must be tight when getting any complete rear end. Leaking fluid will disrupt the natural flow of the gears inside. Experienced mechanics know exactly what happens when the seals go bad on a Dana 70 axle assembly. The bearings should move freely without any play in the rotation. A bent shaft could mean that bearings are bad.

Using the resources we provide, you can buy a used Dana 70 axle for a really fair price. There is a salvage network that we are a part of in North America. This includes thousands of retailers. In a single search, more than one front or real unit can be reviewed. All of the tight seals and solid bearings come with the Dana rear ends that we provide.

Prices for 10 Lug Dana 70

If you are doing your own repairs, it is essential to have a good product to install. No dealerships carry preowned inventory to purchase. This should be sourced on the secondary market. We are here to help you. The exact price you will pay to own a straight axle assembly is presented here online. Our catalog is open to any retailer, motor vehicle owner or body shop.

Using your smartphone or tablet PC, get full pricing details inside our computer. It provides a secure way to know what to order. Any of the Ford Motor Company, GM or Chrysler vehicles that are supported with a rear or front axle are listed. Each carrier will have a discount reduced from the MSRP. We are specialists. No motors, transmissions or transfer cases are on this portal. Just good quality differentials.

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