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Used Dana 60 Rear End for Sale

The Dana 60 is one of the most respected rear end assemblies for sale in the 20th Century. It was used in Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford and Jeep motor vehicles. On the standard assembly, the ring gear is a fixed 9.75 size. The base gear ratio is usually 3.31, but it can be geared higher. Axle Guys has a huge selection of used Dana 60 rear end for sale inventory.

ID a Dana 60 Rear Axle

There are a few easy methods to identify the original Dana rear axle assemblies. When the units were manufactured, they were all stamped on each shaft. The production data known as the build data was always visible. If this is covered with surface rust, the dates can be harder to determine. You can count the size of the spline to figure out if it is a Dana 60 axle.

Every auto company had specific spline threads produced. The common varieties include 16, 22, 30, 33 and 35. Aftermarket models do exist. The rebuilt rear end usually takes too long to construct. Most people find it much simpler just to order a salvage unit and have it installed. The usage period is about the same for each of the versions.

Warranty for Preowned Differentials

Axle Guys is a trusted reseller. We know everything people want to know about car parts. You will not find a bunch of rusted out or high mileage parts in our database. The thorough procedure to validate what we order before consumers can even buy builds our reputation. Our useful warranty policy does protect every buyer.

You can expect the length of coverage for every used Dana 60 rear end to be maximized. We do provide a guarantee that each shaft is straight. It is an important statement. No sloping or bending is found on the solid steel shaft. Each differential gear is checked for loose teeth or chips that might be present. The bearings are also reviewed for correctness.

Buy Complete Dana Axle Parts

Our online store is always open. Getting a sale price is not hard. The original retail price has already been reduced. We buy from automotive junk yards in North America. Each SKU number is cross referenced inside of our computer database. We know at all times what is in our warehouse to ship out. This means pricing details too. Use our application on this page to calculate the selling price.

We take calls offline too. A lot of time and attention is given to every consumer. It is not uncommon to ask who we are, what we do or the mileage for the parts we retail. The complete rear differential, front or just the basic parts can be ordered. Save money just like auto mechanics do when they buy from AxleGuys.com.

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