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Dana 35 Rear Axle for Sale

Dana built its 35 series rear axle and it was for sale in many Jeep SUVs. It has been installed in various automobiles as both a front and rear unit. There are 10 gear ratios that can be configured with the right differential. The original 1962 design was carried over in 1984 when Chrysler started officially producing the Jeep vehicles. You can buy a Dana 35 rear axle for sale at a super low sticker price at AxleGuys.com.

30 Spline Dana 35 Axles

The spline gear is always a 30. It was not uncommon in some other automaker installations to change the size though. Since most people will use these for a Comanche, Wrangler and Cherokee, it is just a straight swap. The final year of use for the Dana 35 axle shaft was in 2007.

The bolt cover is round on all versions. Sometimes, the assembly is called a Spicer 35. Every unit is equipped for anti-lock brake usage. This is important to understand since some automakers still used disc brakes. The variations in the gearing should be matched prior to ordering. Getting the wrong gear package might hurt your automatic transmission.

Junk Yard or Rebuilt Dana 35

People who have the knowledge and tools could rebuild a 35 rear axle assembly. There are not many shops in the United States that offer this work. A lot can go wrong during the procedure that could mess up the differential, seals or bearings. For the safest version, it is common to choose used Dana rear axles from junk yards.

This is our primary source to acquire what we present on this website. Keeping the MSRP as low as we can is important. You should never be paying too much for replacement Jeep axle parts online. Problems with bends, metal shavings and general deterioration is a real fear factor. The highest standards are upheld for each of the products located in our warehouse.

Buy Used Jeep Rear Axles

You can always count on affordable price tags displayed here. A lot of behind the scenes work goes into obtaining assemblies that are high quality. A procedure of reviewing what is in stock for minor defects, rust and bends is conducted by our staff. This certification along with the components warranty protection is a very good value.

Get a price quote now. We do not ask you for a bunch of non-essential data. Provide the production year, size of the engine and some other small details. The computer will then incorporate this information into the estimate. We have complete customer service available through a fast phone call. Do not wait to find the cheapest price elsewhere. Give us a try.

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