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Corvette Rear Axle for Sale

The Corvette is just one Chevy car using different rear axle shafts. These are on sale through various retail outlets including AxleGuys.com. To get the vintage components, you have to look through a local scrap yard. We have already accomplished such a task for consumers. The IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) and regular units are in stock. Get a Corvette rear axle for sale for a steal of a price.

Types of Vette Axles

Dana is one company that has manufactured millions of shafts for the Chevrolet Corvette. When someone wants to go with an original replacement, this is the company to shoot for. Since the age of most Vettes are older than 20 years, the installation of suspension components is very different.

The Dana 36 or a Dana 46 were common units to find. These had a 7.75 ring gear. Before you begin to swap any rear end, it is imperative to match all of the parts precisely. Finding out later that something will not fit is a total disappointment.

Corvette Axle Gear Ratios

Speed and performance are two words ever connected to the GM built sports cars. The power of the 5.7 V8 and other units has gone down in the history books. This achievement is partially thanks to the gearing in the differential. Both right side and left side work in tandem to give a boost of acceleration.

The 3.07 and 3.43 are common gear ratios. There are many more. What the number should be is really up to the driver. Making a change from the stock set up to something new is not unheard of. Auto shop mechanics, vehicle owners and builders play around with the axle ratios in Chevrolet Corvettes.

Replacement Axles in Stock

You will find that we have a pretty big selection. All of the General Motors junk yards that retail parts built in the past 40 years are where we find products. A good review means that a real person is responsible for evaluating the component condition.

You can find a used rear Corvette axle for any of the following cars in our inventory:

C5 Z06

There is a lot to learn and understand about replacement GM parts buying. Between RPO codes and axle codes, there is some confusion related to what fits and what does not. It always helps to get a real opinion from a components expert here at Axle Guys.

Prices for Corvette Rear Axles

Pay less here always. Before you start looking at auction websites, check us out. There is no other source that sells the number of used differentials and parts like we do. What you can expect is a good warranty plan. This is always included for each consumer. You can even expect a rapid shipping time frame. Safe delivery is our top priority. Place a call to our customer support staff right now. We will walk you through what we have.

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