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Used Chevy Rear Axles for Sale

GM, through its Chevy division, has built a lot of vehicles. The axle assemblies used on these vehicles is manufactured tough. No RWD vehicle would be able to operate without a powerful differential system. There have been hundreds of automobile, truck, van and SUV brands distributed worldwide. Locating components for these should not be a tough job. Right from this portal, a variety of used Chevy rear axles for sale can be ordered.

Trim Models Supported Here

When searching online for a replacement Chevrolet rear axle, there is a lot to keep in mind. Retailers are not all the same. From repair shops to salvage yards, people have a lot of options to consider. AxleGuys.com makes it clear and simple to find almost any make or model component.

Cars supported with our inventory include:

1. Camaro
2. Volt
3. Tahoe
4. Chevette
5. Aveo
6. Silverado
7. Chevelle
8. Impala
9. Malibu
10. Vega
11. Suburban
12. Colorado
13. C6
14. Metro
15. Equinox
16. Citation
17. Cruze
18. Traverse
19. Nova
20. Cobalt
21. El Camino
22. Cavalier
23. C/K
24. Cobalt
25. Spectrum
26. S10
27. LUV
28. Uplander
29. Celebrity
30. Avalanche
31. Blazer
32. Trailblazer
33. Tracker
34. K5
35. Express
36. Lumina
37. Corsica
38. Montana
39. Caprice
40. Venture
41. Astro Van
42. Captiva
43. Prizm
44. Sprint
45. Lumina
46. Sonic

Find Chevy Differential Casting Numbers

Chevrolet components are all identified by a series of numbers. Apart from RPO codes, the casting configuration is based on year and size. Most of the 10 and 12 bolt rear ends are easy to find. It is the in between numbers that people have a problem matching up.

Using the components locator on this website, a range of shaft sizes and threads can be explored. The following are found in our computer system:

1. 7.5
2. 7.6
3. 8.0
4. 8.5
5. 8.6
6. 9.5
7. 10
8. 10.5
9. 11.5
10. 12

These sizes support every gear ratio in Chevy brand vehicles. The used condition products that are always on sale here are in stock. This means that someone can avoid waiting for a delivery. Once something is ordered, it is immediately arranged for shipment.

Consumer and Racing Axles

Many people build project automobiles. This includes drag race, concept, classic and performance vehicles. A component used in a consumer retailed motor vehicle is not the same as a racing version. Matching up the stock numbers is also easy here too.

Car owners or even shop mechanics might not have faith in preowned products. This is because some companies retail remanufactured or reconditioned axle assemblies. The difference is that one type is cleaner than the other. A process of straightening might have taken place or threads might have been fixed.

Price for a Chevy Rear Axle Assembly

Keeping inventory straight and accurate is a big responsibility. The partners that we are working with on a national level help us. We receive direct supply reports of what can be ordered. This is how we know that we can get any size shaft for a consumer.

The location tool that sits on top of this page is available 24/7. It scours our complete warehouse for price changes and in stock levels. It takes less than a half a minute to explore this system. Our prices are more than competitive. An informative phone conversation can also take place when calling our staff. Discounts do not have to be negotiated. We already have the lowest pricing available.

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