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Chevy 14 Bolt Rear Axle for Sale

The full-float 14 bolt axle is a Chevy design dating back to 1973. These were used across a range of ¾ ton and one-ton motor vehicles. The housing was constructed out of powerful steel. This is one of the most requested rear ends in the GM lineup. Here at Axle Guys, ordering a Chevy 14 bolt rear axle for sale is super easy. Pay less and get more value.

Disc brake conversion is one upgrade that people like to do for the 14 bolt differential. Someone who is into drag racing or regular use can complete this work. While a locker can be installed, the gear ratios will likely be different. Paying attention to which model being replaced and which one being swapped is important.

10.5 Ring Gear or 11.5 Ring Gear

Attachment of the ring gear and bearings will make the 14 bolt Chevrolet rear differential work as intended. There are two sizes for the gears that must be known. The standard up until the year 1994 was the 10.5 size. This was later improved to an 11.5 size after General Motors switched to a new factory partner.

The standard spline is 30. This measurement provides superior compatibility for Chevrolet cars. Unlike Ford and Dodge, there are not multiple spline gear sizes that can confuse a DIY installer. Raising up the vehicle and popping off the rear differential is a very popular upgrade.

33 Spline Semi Floater

The trucks that have a wider body were equipped to handle the 14 bolt rear end. Before this period in time, a 33 spline version was attached with regular clips. Because the sizing is different, the model year of your vehicle should be cross referenced before ordering. Asking the total length when checking on what inventory is available will save a lot of time.

All used Chevy rear axles that are provided to people here are checked for condition. The gears are not bent as well as the housing. An essential part of the review procedure happens to be the visual inspection. Without this work being completed, no one would have assurance in the products that we retail.

14 Bolt Rear Ends for Chevy

Get the price you deserve here. There are no gimmicks. We do not use your information and market to you for the rest of your life. Let us impress you with the low MSRP we provide. Since we have direct contracts with GM junk yards, there is always an overstock of parts that we can provide to the general public. Use our formatted calculator on this page to get started. You may also place a call to our shop to speak with a reputable expert.

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