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Capri Rear Axle for Sale

The Mercury Capri used a common rear axle shaft between 1979 and 1986. This should not be confused with the European-only Ford versions. As a cheaper replica of the Mustang, this compact car was a hit for its seven-year production period. AxleGuys.com has a Capri rear axle for sale in used condition. These are shipped anywhere in North America.

Capri Differential Sizes

Two types of differentials link to the rear axle assembly. Each were linked to an 8 bolt cover or a 10 bolt cover. Some vehicles had horizontal placed shocks while others did not. The performance series used trac bars while base models had the standard style. The most common type of Capri differential is the limited slip (LSD), but models were produced that were non-locking as well.

The size of the ring gear is important to know. Without the right size, what you put onto the axle will not fit correctly. The spline thread was only offered in one size. This was 28 threads on the shaft. The used products that we retail on this website are acquired through partnerships with various scrap yards nationally.

We support the following ring gears for the Mercury Capri cars:

7.50 inch
8.00 inch
8.80 inch

The size of the rear end will dictate the measurement of the ring and pinion. The torque that goes to each wheel on the right or left size is dependent on the gearing. Before you swap out your rear axle shaft, you should take measurements on the related parts.

Mercury Gear Ratios

Contrary to what some people think, there was not a base size for the gear ratio in the typical differential for Capri cars. There were five option available. The size of the motor was one consideration that Ford made when pairing up the internal gears.

You can choose the following gear ratios for the axle/differential replacement:


Doing your own work on your vehicle is always cheaper. There are few mechanics that want to take on the task of changing wheel related parts. You can hoist up your own vehicle and spend a couple of hours swapping the bearings, brakes and other components that makeup the drivetrain system.

Prices for Used Axle Shafts

If you own a vintage Mercury Capri, you can order rear end parts on this website. We have an emerging inventory of components that anyone can buy. You can be a service center sales rep. You can be an average person. All people gain entry to our quote system to begin shopping for the best sticker prices. In turn, we accept phone inquiries for prices or questions about mileage on the components. Try our company right now.

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