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Used Camaro Differential

The Camaro by Chevy has used a number of differential types since the 1960s. It all depends on the size of the bolt cover. This can help you identify what to purchase. The most common in the performance series vehicles a limited slip. Most car owners appreciate the option to increase the gear ratio to get more performance. Here at Axle Guys you can buy a used Camaro differential for a sale price.

Types Camaro Bolt Covers

General Motors is known for changing this up when it comes to vehicle parts. Based on the trim level, there could be a larger or smaller differential. The posi traction that people hope to benefit from is possible when selecting the best components. There are several different ring gears that are found on all makes of the Camaro cars.

These sizes include:

7 5/8

The bolt sizes are usually 9, 10, 12 and what is called a corporate. The bolt count is just one measurement that you can take to guarantee compatibility. Aside from the Torsen differential, various sizing for bolt covers have been installed in Chevrolet cars.

Popular types of covers include:

9 bolt
10 bolt
12 bolt

When you are trying to match up the units, pay attention to the information supplied on this page. It will guide you to the next part of the selection process which is the gear ratios.

Differential Ratios for Camaro

The decision you make at this point will affect your total horsepower. Passing the power off to the rear axle assembly is the goal of any Chevy rear end. Gearing the assembly correctly will provide you with the torque and the speed you desire.

The most common differential gear ratios for the Chevrolet performance cars includes:


You can use this chart as a reference. It is not a complete listing of all the specs that you can change. It will give you a good indication of what products you will find here at AxleGuys.com online.

Buy a Camaro Diff for Sale

Support for all makes and models of Chevrolet vehicles built at GM is what we supply. Our strong commitment to offering above average quality junk yard parts does pay off. Consumers nationwide and in Canada shop here to buy replacement axle accessories. Each product comes with its own term of warranty coverage when orders are complete.

Call us right now. You can also get your quote in price on this page. We are not hard to deal with. We do not expect you to be an expect in parts. You do not need a part number, stamp, RPO code or other piece of data. Let our helpful staff search our local and expanded warehouse for the correct part. No one leaves here in disappointment. This we can guarantee.

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