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Cadillac Seville Rear End

The rear end installed on a Cadillac Seville car is usually an 8.5. This was the stock ratio that GM developed for its sedan cars. The 1975 production of this vehicle ensured it used the parts available at that time at General Motors. There is a lot of inventory that one can locate through secondary sources. Axle Guys is a trusted place to buy a Cadillac Seville rear end online.

The 8.5 measurement is the ring gear size. This should be known when matching up any differential. The bolt cover is the standard 10 bolt style. There are 5 lug bolts that attach to the disc brake assembly. The spline is normally 28 although might be larger depending on the make and model of the Seville.

Cadillac Rear End Problems

Slipping and grinding are two issues that should be fixed when they are present. The cause of slipping is sometimes a bend in the shaft. A broken gear will transmit a whining noise that is pretty easy to identify. Lubricant is not supposed to leak heavily from the differential. You can identify a problem by taking note of these examples.

The last year that the Seville was manufactured at GM was 2004. Throughout the production process, it was usually the three-speed transmission or four-speed transmission installed. The 5.7L V8 was the original motor when the Cadillac Seville debuted. A used rear end for Cadillac cars is what you can order on this website.

Warranty for Differential Parts

A parts warranty plan is what consumers get with an order for used Cadillac axles. This policy is what guarantees that no bending or other problems appear in the shaft. The differential case comes with the cover unless we state something different. The type of brakes that your vehicle has determines which complete GM rear end that will fit.

Going into a service center to pay for a rear end alignment is costly. It can easily cost you over $1000 dollars for a regular service charge. People who are not GM auto mechanics often decide to do the work themselves. It represents one method to keep costs lower for any repair work.

Buy Cadillac Seville Rear Axles

The vintage and late model Seville automobiles are what we support. People who own or perform work for others who own GM cars shop here. The junk inventory we supply is not bad quality. It is called salvage and is reliable after installation. When it costs to much for a rebuilt differential, the best scenario you have is to order one that is second hand.

Call AxleGuys.com using our phone number. The tool we use to distribute web pricing was built by our staff. It distributes all pertinent data quickly. Give it a try right now. Never waste time dealing with a local car parts store to fix up your broken automobile.

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