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Used Cadillac Rear Axle Assemblies for Sale

Cadillac axles are built for front and rear applications. General Motors has invested wisely into making quality parts for almost a century. What people have come to appreciate about domestic auto manufacturing is the attention to detail. The forward-looking technological advancements are still present in undercarriage parts. Price quotes in real time for Cadillac rear axle assemblies for sale are given out on this website.

Complete Axles for Cadillac Vehicles

For its luxury brands, GM created a number of trim styles for consumers. Well over 20 different automobile and SUV styles were selected. Unfortunately, internal parts are not always interchangeable. This does complicate a DIY installation. Knowing what inventory is available to purchase helps the average person save time.

Most parts in stock can fit the following vehicles:

1. Escalade
2. SRX
3. XTS
4. CTS
5. CTS-V
6. ATS
7. ATS-V
8. ELR
9. CT6
10. XT5
12. Eldorado
13. Coupe Deville
14. Sedan Deville
15. Catera
16. Fleetwood
17. Sixty Special
18. Brougham
19. XLR
20. XLR-V
21. STS
22. DTS
23. Allante

Matching the correct part is not easy. A quick call or e-mail to our team can help. If you are unsure of what size is needed, guessing is not the best method. Our team is helpful. Get the part you want. This eliminates returns.

OEM Spline Gear Sizes

One of the things to keep in mind when shopping for a Cadillac rear axle replacement is the spline gear size. Every shaft has a different number of threads. This is done to make sure that the part is compatible with OEM axles. Not every retailer that promotes the sale of used auto parts online publishes data about spline gear sizes.

Typical sizes in stock here include:

1. 34
2. 35
3. 41

Shaft length is equally important. Getting one that has the right size is essential to a good fit. General Motors produced multiple sizes for passenger and driver side axles. All data can be cross referenced in the AxleGuys.com computer system. This removes the risk of errors when consumers order an incorrect assembly.

Preowned Parts Warranty

Everything that can be sold to a third-party needs to have a warranty plan. Shopping on the second hand market is not without surprises. We utilize a junk yard supplier network. We already know the quality of every acquired piece. This allows the best choices for adults buying used CV joints for Cadillac motor vehicles.

A coverage plans is always in place to protect customers. The after sale process is never confusing. As long as a component is covered, a replacement is easy to request. The exact condition of the shaft and boot are always told to people buying inventory here.

Cadillac Axle Inventory Prices

In order to create the best shopping experience, we simplify pricing. Our team finds the lowest priced inventory that is in the best overall condition. This data is then placed into our computer system for retrieval. Online price quotes are automated on this website. A person has full access to review drive train parts and freight details.

We support offline customer phone calls daily. Sometimes, it can be faster just to call and get a sticker price. Anyone has the ability to speak with our service experts. A lot of data can be acquired through these phone conversations. Small body shops, mechanics, resellers, wholesalers and scrap yards use us as a source in the USA and Canada.

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