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C5 Z06 Rear Differential for Sale

The Z06 Chevy Corvette used a stock 3.15 gear rear differential. The 5.7L V8 engine was the only option paired with this setup. There are many upgrades that a person can search for when more power is needed. Getting the proper power level with the four-speed or six-speed transmission does not have to be difficult. A low price for a C5 Z06 rear differential for sale is found here at AxleGuys.com.

Performance series parts are certainly recommended for Vette owners. The sheer power of the V8 motor is something to be proud of. The gear ratios change slightly when adding a new differential. The 3.42 is a common size as well as the 3.73 or the 4.10. Deciding on which one to use is really a personal preference. Everything will fit as long as its not aftermarket.

Axles for C5 Z06

If you do not need to swap the gears, you may need an axle replacement. The size of the shaft is important to know when doing any type of swap. Connecting the right and the left C5 Z06 half shafts is essential. Some people break the shaft by pushing the Corvette too hard on the road. This is the most common type of repair when it comes to a rear end swap.

GM only produced a couple of different sizes of rear assemblies its cars. This keeps the sizing easier to deal with. Since many automotive parts stores online do not sell used parts, there are not many options to find good deals. Here at Axle Guys, you have the best place to buy a C5 Z06 rear differential.

Chevy Parts Warranties

All of what is listed on this page has a warranty attached. These are sent directly with every shipment that comes from our company or suppliers. The shafts, if ordered, are never bent. These are reviewed at the time of purchase and just before a shipment is prepared. We know that time is of the essence when a repair job needs to be completed. We ship quickly.

All of the used parts for Chevy Corvette cars on this page are OEM. There is no substitute for buying the real thing. When dealership components are too expensive, turning to the second hand market is a really good idea. Pulling off parts to resell at a fraction of the MSRP is our business model.

Buy Used Corvette Rear Differentials

There are better deals found here than on auction websites. The low sticker price mixed with the long-term support is appreciated. There is no need to request a wholesale price. The costs are fixed and can be looked at in our database on this page. We only ask the year of the car, size of the motor and that is pretty much it. Order our salvage yard parts right now.

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