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Used Buick Rear Axle Assemblies for Sale

Buick complete axle assembly inventory can be hard to find. There are a lot of aftermarket versions retailed in North America. What people really want to locate is OEM versions. These units can only come from pull outs at a junk yard or automotive dismantler. AxleGuys.com supplies authentic used Buick rear axle assemblies for sale here daily.

Using this portal as a search point, no mistakes are made during ordering. We post the most accurate details about what we sell in our parts warehouse.

List of Buick Vehicles

As part of the General Motors legacy, Buick continues to shine. A re-boot of engineering is helping to take the luxury concept to the next level. A broad range of motor vehicles have been produced. Some were exclusive to Canada while most were sold statewide. We support second hand parts, and this means a lower price.

Axles for the following Buick vehicles are available:

1. Allure
2. Century
3. Electra
4. Enclave
5. LaCrosse
6. LeSabre
7. Lucerne
8. Park Avenue
9. Park Avenue Ultra
10. Rainier
11. Reatta
12. Regal
13. Rendezvous
14. Riviera
15. Skyhawk
16. Skylark
17. Somerset
18. Verano
19. Cascada
20. Encore
21. Avista
22. Envision
23. Roadmaster
24. Terazza
25. Gran Sport (Regal)

Buick Spline Gear Matching

It is now customary to build many different components. GM is no different. There are common sizes for axle spline gears available. The CV joint will not fit if the wrong teeth are found on the shaft. We do our very best to match our products to customer’s needs.

Common teeth sizes include:

1. 34
2. 35

Differences can be found in the ABS teeth. There is not a standard size. The gear ratio, spline and length of the axle shaft are all important. The information acquired along with every preowned part in stock is given directly to customers.

Warranty for Buick Parts

No aftermarket components are found on what we sell. Removal from one of many automobiles takes place by a qualified expert. This preserves value. The condition is noted and units are placed in inventory. We do offer a warranty on parts attached to the axle.

A dry boot quickly disrupts wheel movement. Buying the entire axle assembly is a smart move. The coverage policies we supply along with products is backed by suppliers. The best way to swap a broken or bent FWD shaft is with a unit that is certified preowned.

Buick Axle Replacement Cost

On this page you will find a price tool. Making slight adjustments to the tool helps give the best price. Matching the model and engine size helps. Our warehouse inventory is kept accurate. No sticker price shock happens because we make deals with distributors. We seek out any and all discounts off the MSRP.

Our offline support team is always available by phone. This includes weekend days. We help to prevent ordering mistakes. Freight charges are always calculated if applicable to each order. All used axles in stock are ready to ship right after orders are placed.

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