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Chevy Astro Van Rear Axle for Sale

The Astro van by Chevy often used a 7.5 ring gear in the differential. It is the same configuration found in the Safari and S10 vehicles. Apart from there being two distinct U-Joints, almost all of the gearing was arranged at the factory. If you are not the original owner of your vehicle, you might struggle to buy a Chevy Astro van rear axle. Axle Guys will help you to find which model you require.

Open Differential or Posi Differential

Nearly all of the 1985 and onward versions of the Chevrolet Astro van had an open differential system. It was not until the 1990 and later model years where General Motors adde the posi differential. A 7.62 ring gear was normally attached to this assembly.

There are plenty of RPO codes that correspond to the various gear ratios. Instead of trying to remember those numbers, there are really only four common figures. These are easily matched up to the used Chevy differentials that we have in stock along with the axle shafts.

Regular sizes of Astro van diff gears includes:


Since there is a standard shaft and spline, you do not have to worry too much about the ratios. Most people know what they want to order. Going with the stock Vortec engine or the regular transmission is a decent set up. Only people who want a specific performance upgrade will modify the stock numbers.

Combating Rear End Noise

It happens. Noisy sounds come from the rear end of the 4.3L van. This does not always mean that a gear is broken of something has locked up. Are you leaking any fluid? A dry gear spinning will make a whine or thud sound. Not taking care of this right away is what causes really expensive automotive repairs. Get your replacement Chevy parts online. Do not let a retail store hold you back.

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The sale price is not dependent on the length of the unit. It comes from organizing the sticker price through our supply companies. We get what we resell through junk yards. These are not just old and rusted parts though. There is a pretty strict selection process that goes down. The automotive community is tight knit for reputable sellers.

The full and heavily discount pricing that AxleGuys.com generates is locked in. People do not need to come back to get the same price quote over and over. The web app that we have shifted to on this page does all of the work. It calculates what people pay. It even has the freight fees included. Do you need a warranty? These are free too.

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