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Used Acura Rear Axle Assembly for Sale

Acura entered the U.S. car market in 1986. Axles have always been built well for this brand. As a subsidiary of Honda Motor Corporation, components are expertly crafted. On this page, you can find used Acura rear axles for sale. The prices given out cannot be beat.

Acura is known for producing JDM and domestic automobiles. People in the global marketplace try to locate components that fit various models daily. Because we specialize in undercarriage components, we have the very best stock for import motor vehicles.

List of Supported Acura Vehicles

1. ILX
2. MDX
3. RDX
4. TLX
5. NSX
6. CL
7. Integra
8. Legend
9. TL
10. Vigor
11. ZDX
12. SLX
13. RLX
14. CSX

Our connections with suppliers nationwide make inventory on this website possible. This network of partners does include scrap yards, salvage yards, wrecking yards and junk yards. This allows us to provide hundreds of different automaker axle parts at sale prices.

Variety of Spline Gears

Like most auto parts, Acura builds or has built inventory that is different. The OEM axle for an Acura automobile is not the right choice to fit on the SUV trim. It is for this reason that we are able to provide a source of different spline gear and shaft ratios.

Common spline sizes include:

1. 17 Teeth
2. 26 Teeth
3. 27 Teeth
4. 28 Teeth
5. 29 Teeth
6. 30 Teeth
7. 31 Teeth

People who remove the axle and ball joint will need a 36 mm socket. This is the standard tool that is used to properly do an Acura rear axle replacement successfully. While we do not sell instruments or tools, the quality of parts in our warehouse is very good.

Top Notch Warranty Policies

When someone buys something on this website, a warranty is always included. Length of time for coverage is based on the year of parts production. We do cover components attached to the rear axle shaft in most cases. This is much better than what an import eBay automotive reseller would provide to the average customer.

Any person who receives something not as ordered is welcome to submit a claim. We are very accurate in picking and routing our shipments. From car parts stores to small mechanic shops, we send out a lot of packages through our warehouse.

Acura CV Joint Replacement Cost

Prices do matter. It is helpful to compare one or more sticker prices to get the best deal. We have already conducted negotiations with suppliers. This gives us a heads up over competitors. When a person asks for a discount price here, the only thing given in a quote is the true selling price.

AxleGuys.com offers people access to inventory and price quotes here online. A car owner doing their own repairs will appreciate the detailed information. Should something show up as not in stock, a quick call to our customer support department does wonders. A specialist who understands foreign car components handles all inquiries by phone or e-mail.

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